Today I feel like myself again. Today I am cheerful, smiley, filled with gratitude for the magic and mystery of the universe. Today I can read books. Today I am determined to master throwing pots. Today I want to write poetry. Today I feel a strong spiritual connection. Today there is so much I want to do with my life, that I enjoy in my life, that I feel rich.  Today I am not psychotic. Today I do not have DID.

But at times throughout the day, a small voice – though only a small voice – has whispered “You are just a part”. I don’t like that voice, I don’t like that thought, I want to assert that this is the real me, this is who I am, and the rest – well, the rest I can’t hold in conscious awareness. I have an intellectual knowledge that there are other times, times that are different, but I can’t remember what they are like. It’s really quite confusing. It’s really most peculiar. I just can’t work it out.