Don’t know what I think about that last post. Feeling a bit saner now. Feeling very sane indeed, in fact. So sane that the last year feels like a bad dream, and I’m convinced I’m never going to become unwell again.

Saw Dr B on Monday. Wanted to skip in the street afterwards.

Saw my CPN on Tuesday. She encouraged me to use lorazepam to deal with the excitability and “fidgeting”.

Saw a company this morning who are going to provide my next PA, though I’m not convinced I need one any more.

Meanwhile I’m making plans. Going to do a silversmithing summer school and a short story writing course and an art class. Finally finishing the pictures I started in hospital (what on earth was I doing in hospital?) and cleaning the house up and thinking about the psychosis book again.

I’m positive. I’m determined. I’m excited. And I’m not going to let anything hold me back!

(And no, I’m not getting ‘high’, though I do keep dreaming about taking ecstasy!)