First point to make is THESE ARE NOT ART. Artist part has some trouble with that. She wants to rip them up and make them again. Better.

First Clara’s collage. It started as pictures of everything I associate with Clara – the marble run, the Sock Unicorn, the Knitted Pony, the books she reads and loves, the planets rug. But then it got ripped up (by Poppy? by Clara herself?) and reassembled in this broken way with the words CLARA IS BROKEN printed across the top. I had that as an earworm that day – “Clara is broken” to the tune of “Morning has broken”. It wouldn’t stop until I ripped the collage up. Today I finished it with the tarot cards, which are a gift from Sage. The tower, for the breaking, the six of cups for roots to the magic and innocence of childhood, the daughter of pentacles for her vast amounts of inner strength, and the nine of wands, which asks you to rally your confidence.


Now Poppy’s collage, which I find it hard not to recoil from, because it’s ugly. It started as “I HATE MYSELF AND WANT TO DIE” scrawled in black oil pastel on the paper. Then H and I tried to soften it with colour. We put kittens on it and pictures of rose quartz. The black block at the top is where I wrote something Sarah said to Poppy – “No little girl is disgusting” – but Poppy couldn’t cope with that, and scribbled it out. (Because she is disgusting). The tarot cards at the top are all negative ones, nightmares and sadness and defeat, because that’s how Poppy sees herself. But at the bottom Sage put all the mothers, because Poppy needs a mother. And I made some poppies and added them because a poppy is a symbol of hope, and Poppy likes the name Poppy, because Sarah gave it to her.


Then we have Sage’s collage. The earth, because she feels a connection with the earth. A picture of someone looking out to space because she’s all about the universal energy and manifesting the future (she believes she manifested the new house). Positive tarot cards. Spirit cards from the Shaman’s oracle, because she believes in spirit and she likes the colours and there’s a connection to cave art. Pictures of herself, young and carefree, in Thailand. A picture of the equine sage.


It’s powerful work, this. I offer it up in case anyone finds it interesting.