Right now, I know who I am. I am immensely familiar to myself and you know what – I kind of like myself. I feel like I will always be essentially the same. I feel like a rational, stable, cheerful person. I want to explain to the staff that I am fine, and that it is insane that I am here. Surely they must see it’s all a big mistake? Surely I will be allowed home tomorrow?

Except I should say not person but “part”. I am just a part, I am one of many. Because someone who also inhabits my body took an overdose whenever that was. Because someone else who inhabits my body was garbled and giddy the other day. I know these things happened, but oh they seem so weird and far away!

Not me, not me, not me. If I’d been there – if I was present and in control all the time – this whole situation would never have arisen. I can handle my self. I can handle my life. I can handle LIFE.

So I guess now I need to learn how to handle DID.